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——▲; And Found || closed


There really is no place like home, she thinks.

Even if she did not have a great duty resting upon her shoulders, the regal woman would still find herself greatly missing her home. After all, it’s the place where she has grown up her entire life and has completely poured her heart and being into molding. It’s only natural for her to long to be placed back there once more, even more so that she is the leader of a country that is greatly in need of her help… And a few others, as well.

With a soft sigh that goes unheard due to her thick scarf covering her lips, the brunette continues her promenade around the city, continuing at a rather brisk pace. The female has seen a vast amount of new and interesting things, that is for certain, though she feels as if she has seen quite enough for the day. It’s not out of exasperation or exhaustion but rather, purely because she realizes that relaxing for a bit when she returns to her assigned housing will be beneficial to her mind and soul.

Yet even so, it seems something is able to stop the woman in her tracks.

Bending over to pick up a certain object she is sure that someone just dropped, azure hues look up from the ground for a moment to see just who had dropped this particular object. Fortunately due to the time of evening, there only seems to be one male a few yards away from herself that seems to have dropped this. So without wasting another moment, the aristocrat picks herself back up and approaches the male, a gloved hand extending to hand out the object which had been lost.
image"Pardon me, but might this be yours?"

  It was different. Way too different. Tenka had absolutely no idea the majority of the stuff he’d laid eyes on actually existed. Behind in the times, he supposed. But, as composed as he tried to keep himself he couldn’t avoid the obvious fact that it did leave him bewildered, he had so much to tell his brothers about when he retur—

  Right, right. He couldn’t go home. They made it clear that once you’re in, you’re in for good. Even if he couldn’t remember how he came to be settled here exactly, that part was a little fuzzy. Maybe in some weird twist of fate Tenka would find his brothers actually were here the entire time, or that they finally left him behind, or maybe they’d drop in the very same way he had, or perhaps that they..

  Let’s not think about that.

  Well, he was so absorbed worrying over his brothers and the oddities at every single turn that he completely missed the fact that his own fan slipped from his hand to the floor; even if it dropped with a loud thud, considering it was made from steel instead of wood or the like, he completely missed it altogether. So how lucky was he that someone was kind enough to stop him and ask about it!

  “Oh, yes, thank you!" He bubbled, "I don’t know what I would have done if I lost this. Thank you, thank you!!" Considering there didn’t seem to be very many war fans floating around in the area it’d be practically impossible to replace, sentimental value included and all.


  His mind wavered back to his previous thought of his brothers, and in some small shimmer of hope—or desperation— he piped back in, “You wouldn’t have happened to see two young boys, one probably crying and the other probably getting himself into some kind of trouble, have you?" It wouldn’t hurt to ask..and he already planned on repaying her for her previous help, anyway.

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The Kumou Family: requested by anon

The order beneath these cloudy skies is entrusted to the Kumou family.

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Tenka & his stupid face
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曇天に笑う - Kumou Tenka (曇天火)

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 tenka • chapter twelve ✧
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"Don’t end up like me. I love you.”

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